President Trump has conceded. While officially the election was over at 3:24 AM this morning when Congress certified the election results, the corpse of the campaign wandered around another 16 hours until President Trump made his concession speech. OK to be fair the corpse has been shambling around for a couple of weeks. While a Biden Administration is now a certainty, I believe a lot of us who supported President Trump need to evaluate what comes next. While I do not believe it will be as bad as people fear, I certainly believe it is going to be worse than the Obama years. I mean they called me a racist for disagreeing with Obama, but now we have the left literally calling for reeducation camps and “cleansing” the GOP of undesirables. Which is funny because my political views really haven’t changed since I first voted against President Obama and while judge radical enough to make me a candidate for a gulag were very mainstream back then.

The point that I am meandering my way to is that I believe every person will have to decide how they are going to move forward for themselves. We cannot look to the GOP for guidance on this because as we saw the current GOP is lacking in real leadership. The Gurus on social media don’t have any answers and neither will the grifters that convinced millions of Americans that they had to be patient and to “trust the plan”. No being on the Right side of the political spectrum means that you have to chart your own destiny and make your way through the world. I am going to give you my plan for the next couple of years, not as a blueprint for you to follow, but to try to inspire you to do some introspection and create your own.

  • Shift my political focus local. Part 1. If there is any issue that I am going to fight for going forward, it will be voter integrity. While Biden is being proclaimed the victor there are plenty of irregularities that due to the willingness to provide transparency there are millions of Americans who will forever believe this election was stolen. A free and fair election is a foundational requirement of a functioning Republic. The loss of confidence in the 2020 election falls squarely on the shoulders of state legislators, who have the constitutional authority, but allowed judges and state elected officials to undermine that authority. While I do not live in one of the impacted swing states I can completely see it happening in Missouri one day. My goal will be to study the current election laws and then work on pressuring our state representatives to improve upon them to ensure election integrity. The fight for election integrity will be a local state by state fight.
  • Shift my political focus local. Part 2. I am done providing support for the GOP Establishment candidates. In the past I always felt compelled because the alternative was just to untenable. I fully intend to support primaries to Representative Ann Wagner and Senator Roy Blunt, but if those primaries are unsuccessful, I no longer feel the need to check the box for them in the general simply because they have a R next to their name. If we want better candidates as Republicans, we need to stop rewarding mediocrity in deep red states. This is part of the reason why the GA Senate candidates were both just swept. I will no longer donate money to the national GOP, but will instead choose to keep that money local to help ensure that those that represent me actually represent me.  
  • Shift my political focus local. Part 3. I am going to be making it a habit to check in on my local state representative and senator. I will be attending townhalls that they sponsor and if necessary, start looking to hold them accountable.
  • Stop trying to change liberal’s mind on Twitter. I am no longer going to feed that beast. I will still pay attention to what they are saying, but I am fairly certain that you cannot change the leftist mind on Twitter. No, my focus will shift to holding the GOP establishment accountable. This includes those unsufferable know-it-alls from The National Review and Daily Wire who are almost as bad in the left in believing that there is only one correct opinion to be in the club. What I have always admired about the GOP was that we allowed for a diversity of opinion on every issue. Yes, we could have disagreements, but we were always willing to debate. Lately, it seems that the establishment yes men are more interested in trying to own their own side because they believe themselves the only true conservatives rather than a debate to find the best solution. I will fight our side becoming as narrow minded as the left has become.
  • Continue working on my little corner of the internet. Obviously, because my shift to local you may now see less national news and more Missouri news, but I still invite you in for the discussion. This blog is more for me to vent and to work on my writing skills than a serious attempt to create a political site. I could have just as easily blogged about Project Management, but since I do that for a living you get my well intentioned takes on politics and half-assed grammar.
  • Try to laugh. This may be the toughest of them all. We are going to see some incredibly stupid things from the left over the next two years, but apparently this is what Americans wanted. (I still think there was incredible amounts of fraud in the election, but it is now up to the voters in PA, GA, WI, MI, AZ and NV to sort it out before the next election.) I mean how can we not laugh when after they are done prosecuting us Trump supporters as dissidents, they will fully try to fight and win a proxy war with Russia in Syria with beta male leftists because the red state men will refuse to enlist to fight for an America in which they no longer believe.

I will not sugar coat this for you. The next two years will get worse. Then we will come to a crossroads and have a chance to make it better or continue making it worse. Two years after that we will be faced with the same choice; make it better or make it worse. The only thing we really have control over is when we wake up every morning we are at a similar crossroads, we can make our lives better or make them worse. I just hope that I choose mainly to make my life better, because improvement is harder than decay.

God bless and God speed. Future gulag inmate 345434 signing off.

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