I don’t say this to be tongue in cheek, but as a legitimate question. When I think back to the what happened prior to September 11, 2012 in Benghazi and the events just after that incident I see some parallels with the Capitol riot that are quite distributing. In both cases we had people on the ground communicating with their superiors that they were not prepared. The Capitol police made several requests for additional reinforcements which were denied. This becomes more worrisome as we continue to find out that similar to Benghazi that there was intelligence that suggested that there was going to be a problem with some of the individuals who may have been planning lawlessness.

It is not just the piss poor response from senior officials to the requests from the people on the ground for assistance that makes these situations similar. It is also the response in the immediate wake of the events where it appears that some in government with their allies in media are more focused on building a narrative versus telling the uncomfortable truth. Where in Benghazi the narrative was this was a spontaneous demonstration over a YouTube video that led to our embassy being overrun, Democrats and unfortunately far too many Republicans want to pin the blame wholly on President Trump saying that he incited the riot. In both cases the facts as we are learning do not fit the narrative.

While Democrats moved forward with lighting speed to impeach the President for his “Incitement” of the riot, we learn more everyday that disproves their claims that President Trump is responsible for these events. While Democrats were quick to blame the riot on the speech that the President had given that day the timeline does not fit. At the time of the breach, the President was in fact still speaking a 45-minute walk away. Laying blame on the President for an incident that started while he was urging his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard is ludicrous and irresponsible of both sides of the aisle and their media partners. Many news sites are now reporting that investigators are finding out that much of the riot was preplanned in advance which flies in the face of any narrative that the President’s speech was the cause of the incitement.

While the media has gleefully been demonizing all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists, they continuously fail to mention that some of the bad actors involved in the riots were not even Trump supports. No, I am NOT condoning what any of those morons did that day. Any person who entered the Capitol and caused vandalism, destroyed or stole anything or physically assaulted anyone should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with no exceptions. Unfortunately, many of the people who entered the building did so after watching the Capitol police stand aside and very wrongly thought they were not doing anything wrong. (Afterall, they have been watching the Left pull these kinds of stunts for many years.) Not everyone who entered the building was a Trump supporter. There were Left-wing agitators, many of who seemed intent on stirring up the crowd and pushing the crowd to do something stupid.

The vast majority of the people who went to Washington, DC to peacefully protest and ask for election integrity did in fact peacefully protest and never put a foot inside the Capitol building, but are being painted with the same broad brush as those few lawbreakers. Many now feel betrayed by the GOP because it seems no one is standing up for the hundreds of thousands of people who did nothing wrong, but are being targeted and harassed by the Left for the simple act of attending a protest. This was an opportunity that the Left has been waiting for where they could go after President Trump and his supporters.

While the Senate is getting ready to take up the Impeachment Trial, we know it no longer about simply getting President Trump out of office. (As I write this, he officially leaves office in less than 14 hours.) Let’s be clear, the impeachment is about blocking him from ever running for office again and to try to humiliate him and his family. It is also a message for the rest of us in case we ever dare to take on the swamp. The Republican elites support the impeachment for this reason… they have not yet come to terms that the Republican Party is returning back to its populous roots from which it arose. Even now McConnell seeks to leverage the impending impeachment to control President Trump and attempting to force him to forgo giving pardons to Assange and Snowden. If I were to give the President advice on his last night in office, I would say to pull the trigger on the pardons. This act would cement his legacy as the President that fought the swamp and while not ultimately victorious would help lay the groundwork for Republicans to shake free of establishment control of the party.

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