Lately there has been a lot of reactionary chatter about starting or joining a new 3rd party. This kind of talk is ridiculous and self-defeating. Even if people were successful in getting a party up and running in the next couple of years it does not mean that the GOP would simply go away. We would essentially be ensuring Democrat rule for the next generation as the majority of the vote on the right side of the political spectrum would be split. While we would have to spend time, money and effort to build up the organization and infrastructure of this new party, the Democrats would be winning elections. While this new party would force the GOP closer to the middle, the number of votes that they are able to syphon off of Democrats would pale in comparison to the damage that splitting the vote would cause to our ability to effectively mount and win State/National elections. While the new party might be able to win some seats in local elections, it would be years before they won a state or national seat of consequence. This seems like a lot of pain, aggravation and an overreaction, especially in light of the fact that it would be far easier to simply take over the GOP.

Dan Bongino has a great take on his show today. Ep. 1439 Dark Days Ahead – The Dan Bongino Show (

While Dan does a much better job of explaining why we need to focus more on taking over the GOP; that leaves us with how we go about it. We simply need look no further than the not-so-distant for the blueprint. We have two great examples from recent history on how the Republican base can effect change on the leadership. While establishment Rinos are willing to hitch their carts to movements like the Tea Party or the MAGA movement they also fear them gaining control. People like Mitch McConnel love their power and they will do anything to maintain it, even associating with grassroots movements he finds distasteful. We are used to the Democratic elites looking down their noses at us, but it took Trump to show us that the Republican elites did not view us any differently. The power of the Tea Party and MAGA movements was removing the political elite’s ability to select who would run. These grassroots movements upended the apple carts because they went out and primaried those who did not support our views. In the last two election cycles we have been able to get some great candidates into office and these successes should embolden us not make us hesitate.

While the Wyoming GOP is moving forward with potential action against Liz Cheney our first order of business should be to locate and start supporting primary candidates against any Republican who supports this impeachment farce. Second, we need to primary Rinos from any safe red areas. We should be sending people who are willing to standup and pushback from these areas. Third, we can not longer simply wait until close to the election to make our voices heard. If you are not emailing, calling and attending townhalls of the candidates that support you on a regular basis then you need to begin. Not a month should go by that you are not letting them know where you stand on major issues in front of them. While a bit of a time commitment on your part, the Republic is worth it.

We need to turn off the financial facet to the RNC until they support the candidates and policies we support. If you have an automatic donation, cancel it. Stop donating to the RNC until they change and make it clear that you mean it. While corporate America funnels more and more money into the DNC coffers, the RNC is becoming more reliant on the base. The RNC establishment just spit on their best potential fund raiser as he walked out the door. Make no mistake we can effect change at the RNC by withholding donations. Soon the RNC is going to be sending out their fund-raising emails and imagine the impact we could have if just 20 million of us responded to the fund raising email with the following;

Dear RNC,

I will not donate to the RNC or provide material support as long as Mitch McConnel and Liz Cheney remain in leadership positions. While I remain a registered Republican, I can no longer continue to provide support with either my money or vote to a national party that does not reflect the values of the base. I need to ensure that my donation will no be used assist any candidate that voted to impeach President Trump. I will continue to support local candidates of my choosing, but until the RNC makes a concerted effort to support national candidates that reflect my values and priorities I will not donate. Furthermore, I demand that election integrity be included as a primary pillar of the party’s platform as avoiding the loss of confidence in our election should be a paramount concern.  


Concerned RNC Voter

Now imagine if the RNC was to receive a couple hundred thousand of those responses every single time they sent out an email or letter begging for money. With corporate and PAC money drying up, this would force the RNC to begin acting in a manner consistent with our expectations. They would stop trying to force unpopular establishment candidates on us like McSally if they knew there would be an immediate response from the base. For far too long the RNC has taken our support for granted. The GA Senate runoff is a perfect example. They think they can trot out any candidate who will read some mealy mouth words about the dangers of socialism and we will line up and give money and vote to keep them in power because the alternative is worse.

Simply put, pushing for a 3rd party is a stupid idea. It is a protest vote that guarantees that Democrats win. We have the ability to effect change in the Republican party. We have done it before; we can do it now and the Republican Establishment is scared witless that we will figure it out. They do not survive without us. We walk away, we stop donating or we stop supporting them and they are relegated to the dustbin of history… Rinos know it, you just have to believe it and we can remake the GOP in our image.

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