Rinos are just not getting it!!! Today Rino loser Jeff Flake tweeted that 9,944 Arizona Republicans have changed their party registration. He then goes on to imply that it is tied to the riot at the Capitol and blamed it on former President Trump… the same President that grew the party by 11 MILLION voters. This is the same loser Rinothink that if we play nice and we play by the rules that the media, Democrats, academia, Hollywood, and Corporations are going to give us a fair shake. These are not the reasonable Democrats of 20 years ago where you could have a civil debate on the merits of your arguments. These are no Republican should have a platform because we are all some ism and need to be “Deprogramed” Democrats. Times have changed and if Republicans don’t change… we will go extinct.

9,944 Arizona Republicans did not change their party because of what happened at the Capitol or former President Trump challenging the election results. 9,944 Arizona Republicans changed their party because they are watching Maricopa county defy an audit request from State Leadership and Republicans not saying with a unified voice that enough is enough, we want a transparent election. Don’t believe me? Liz Cheney’s electability has cratered so bad she is being censured by her state’s GOP and they are demanding that she resign. In fact, many of the Republicans that sided with Democrats in the impeachment sham are already drawing primary opponents. Why do you think talk of a Patriot Party is gaining so much traction? Could it be because people are sick and tired of media bootlicking Republicans who put getting invited to cocktail parties ahead of their voters? Do you honestly believe that people would leave the Republican Party over a single riot when BLM/Antifa have been rioting all summer?

The Rove’s, Flake’s & Romney’s of the world are willing to take the party off the cliff with their outdated advice if it means that we go back to sleep, they can pilfer our pockets and they can go back to being ineffective opposition while they get kicked around by Democrats begging for scraps from the media table. To those Republicans I raise the middle finger of both hands and proudly exclaim, “Get Bent, we are taking control of the Party.” You may have your hands on the reins for now, but I believe more and more Republicans are warming up to the idea of not starting a 3rd party, but instead simply taking yours. You have squandered our trust, the power we invested in you and your platform and it is time to take away your toys.

Just today we have two events taking place that should have every single Republican up in arms. The first is a group of citizens taking on Wall Street and beating them at their own game. Now that Wall Street is losing, we are watching as the media paints them as Nazis, Big Tech silences them and Wall Streets takes away tools meant to give the ordinary person access to financial institutions. Any Republicans leaders speaking out about this? How about in the second scenario where you have someone who made a Meme that is facing 10 years in prison for election interference? He made a meme that some Democrats fell for and tried to vote by text. You want the brutal truth… good… anyone who falls for a meme maybe shouldn’t be voting. Where is our leadership standing up for the 1st amendment?

These past four years we have watched the growing assault on religious liberty, free speech, gun rights, election integrity and equal protection with nary a peep from the Republican establishment. While there have been a few, the majority have been simply MIA. Trump fires off a mean tweet and the establishment comes piling out of the Whambulance like it is a Rino clown car to denounce him. We have watched as custom and institutional norm have been burned to the ground by Democrats and Republicans could hardly be bothered to react, but heaven forbid a Republican do something that is uncivil and don’t get between Ben Sasse and a camera.

We need a new generation of Republican who can be effective at representing our values and our concerns. We need warriors who are willing to walk into the CNN lion’s den and tell their viewers the truth. We need leaders that are not only able to push back on some of the insane Democrat policies, but actually advocate for positions we hold dear. Our past strategy of sticking with Rinos because they were the lesser of two evils only means we arrive at the Democrat destination a little later. Republicans are now the counter culture and we need leadership that not only understands this fact, but can thrive in this environment. The old guard of the Republicans cannot help us here, this is not the world they grew up in governed by the rules of civility. We can no longer continue our fighting retreat. This is no longer a country for old Rinos.

Posted by redstateronin

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