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It is Tuesday and of Course the Left is Asinine

The modern day Left has no patience or fortitude to politely discuss politics or promote the free exchange of ideas. Instead anyone who does not prescribe to their incredibly narrow world view is immediately cast as the enemy who must be vilified.

Democrats… It is Time to Grow Up!

Your argument is that Americans knowing the TRUTH about HRC makes Trump an illegitimate President. This has got to be the first time in our history that politicians are actually publicly arguing that we NEED LESS TRUTH.

Week in Review: 7 Things the Left did This Week to Show They are Still Melting Down

It is rapidly apparent that the apocalypse that the left had predicted prior to the election if Trump should prevail has not come to pass. In fact the exact opposite seems to be in progress; unless you count the market hitting all-time highs, consumer confidence the highest since 1980, and multiple companies racing to bring thousands of jobs home to America a bad thing?

Celebrities Must be Trolling Us with These Protest Videos

It is another week so it is obviously time for another celebrity montage video to protest Trump. After Meryl Streep’s last lecture at the Golden Globes I did not think that Hollywood could make themselves […]

The Land of Milquetoast Men and Wannabe Honey Badgers

What the citizens of our country need to ask, is who benefits from the wall not being built?

CNN : Stupid is as Stupid Does

63 days after they got it so horribly wrong, CNN continues to prove that they have learned nothing since the election. While many mainstream media outlets seek to repair their tattered reputations and shattered public trust, CNN continues to double down on their naked hatred of Donald Trump.

Artistry of Bigotry

However, the government cannot by consent favor one group over another or allow overt actions or depictions of bigotry to remain in place as sanctioned by the government.

Meryl Streep: The Real Ant Bully

Since I am expected to issue a trigger warning when I am about to speak about anything that might be remotely offensive to any non functioning adolescent, I now DEMAND that the left begin issuing trigger warnings when they say stupid shit like Meryl Streep.

Want a Coke and a Smile? Then Bend Over Philly…

Whenever the government passes legislation that they deem is for the “good of the citizens” I know that they are either going to take more money or limit freedoms. In 2016 the mayor and city council of Philadelphia, in a move that would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves, managed to pass an increase soda tax that did both.

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Lies of Yore

We are at the end of the Obama presidency and the media still refuses to be objective. Even today, criticism of Obama policy is more likely to get you branded a racist instead of fostering healthy debate.