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Woketalism – The Battle for Corporate Boardrooms is Lost

While it would be easy enough to point to a political shift in leadership within the boardrooms as the reason for this change of allegiance, I believe that it is a problem goes deeper than a mere change of party registration. Mega corporations do not value the same things nowadays.

No Country for Old Rinos

9,944 Arizona Republicans did not change their party because of what happened at the Capitol or former President Trump challenging the election results. 9,944 Arizona Republicans changed their party because they are watching Maricopa county defy an audit request from State Leadership and Republicans not saying with a unified voice that enough is enough, we want a transparent election.

The Real Collusion in Our Elections

While we scanned the horizon for enemies, the true enemies were conspiring right behind us. The people that colluded with Democrats in the 2020 election are not foreign nationals, but people the American people have been led to believe that they could trust; the media, corporations and our government.

The GOP is Ours for the Taking

While the new party might be able to win some seats in local elections, it would be years before they won a state or national seat of consequence. This seems like a lot of pain, aggravation and an overreaction, especially in light of the fact that it would be far easier to simply take over the GOP.

Did America Get Benghazied?

It is not just the piss poor response from senior officials to the requests from the people on the ground for assistance that makes these situations similar. It is also the response in the immediate wake of the events where it appears that some in government with their allies in media are more focused on building a narrative versus telling the uncomfortable truth.

Time for a Conscious Uncoupling with Big Tech

No, the time has come for us as Conservatives to act. It is time to divorce Big Tech and make a conscious choice to uncouple our lives from their fascistic tendencies. While I have never been much of a boycott person, I believe it is time for Conservatives to steal a page out of the Left’s playbook and create a BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanction) movement of our own.

Neo Fascism: 14 Characteristics of the Rising Democrat Fascist

In February of 2017 I originally wrote this blog after watching the violence at Berkeley Campus where “Anti-Fascism” protestors were literally beating the opposition with their flag poles. No they were not engaging in an indigenous ritual of greeting that proceeds civil discourse, they were beating people who intellectually disagreed with them. I predicted then what we are seeing now with the culmination of the Left attempting to remove the 1st amendment to stifle any opposition.

The Media’s Mutually Assured Destruction of President Trump

Thus, began the longest running smear campaign in human history. Balance and objectivity went out the window with many of these media outlets running negative Trump narratives over 93% of the time. They sold their souls and credibility and had only one objective in mind… Get Trump. The problem was they were simply bad at it.

What Next?

President Trump has conceded. While officially the election was over at 3:24 AM this morning when Congress certified the election results, the corpse of the campaign wandered around another 16 hours until President Trump made his concession speech. OK to be fair the corpse has been shambling around for a couple of weeks. While a Biden Administration is now a certainty, I believe a lot of us who supported President Trump need to evaluate what comes next.

How to Lose a Runoff in 63 Days

The key to making this an easy victory was simply supporting President Trump and allowing him to take every constitutional action that he could. Those that fought will be remember, those that did not will most likely face stiff primary challenges supported by a base that will never forget.