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Happy Festivus – Airing of the Grievances

Enjoy your friends and family this holiday and most importantly recharge because as we head into 2021 regardless of who wins this election, we have a hell of a fight on our hands and we need to be at the top of our game. God Bless, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone who has given over your attention to read my little corner of the internet.

Don’t Worry World – The US Taxpayer is Riding to the Rescue

Who crafted this monstrosity? Which member of Congress is going to take a stand against turning illegal streaming into a felony and deny the American people the help they need? (As an aside, why does a budget bill include increased penalties for illegal streaming? Seriously?)

Time to Rebuild the GOP by our Vision

Republicans – A failing political party whose original parts need to be replace to one extent or another by Patriots that perform the same functions… better.

The Republicans – Political Party – A party barely alive – Gentleman we can rebuilt it – We have the patriotism – We have the capability to build the first political party for the people – The Republican Party will be that Party – Better than it was before – Better – Stronger – Braver

Great News Conservatives – SCOTUS Will Hear Us… We just need to Mob Up

Really think about this… now ask yourself what precedent does this set if judges can begin deciding cases not on the law or the merits of the argument, but simply on the fact that the side that disagrees with them might burn down a Target.

Sit Down and Shut Up Your Betters Have Spoken

Our demand was simple… investigate the irregularities so we the Republican base could have confidence in our election system. Instead, we were summarily dismissed and treated like we were crazy.

Google Searches Go Full Racist

I came across an article on Gateway Pundit “Google Search Results Appear Broken – Many Simply Queries No Longer Make Sense” that piqued my curiously. As a practical experiment, I decided to check their claims and here is what I found. Google is Racist. 

The Death of Liberty on College Campuses

What happens when learning takes a backseat to social justice? What happens when our colleges and universities have become more concerned with Leftist indoctrination than preparing their students for the challenges that they will face when entering the workforce? What happens when teachers are more concerned about pushing their political agendas than exposing their students to a variety of ideas in order to build their critical thinking skills?

4 Lies Leftist Tell Themselves About Obamacare

It is no wonder that I get annoyed when I hear those on the Left tell me how Obamacare is candy and roses and now years later try to rewrite the history of how the law was passed. As Republicans spin up another run at repealing the ACA here are the most common lies that you will hear from the Left.

3 Inconvenient Truths Revealed in Saint Louis This Weekend

This weekend #BlackLivesMatter took to the streets of Saint Louis to protest the acquittal of former police offer Jason Stockley. Jason Stockley a former police officer had been charged with murder in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith at the end of a high-speed pursuit. The tone of the protests oscillated between peaceful marches during the day and violent rioting when the sun went down. The organizers tried to sell this as a protest against injustice where Smith a black man was wantonly gun down by a white officer and that this is typical behavior that occurs on a daily basis across the United States. Predictably this narrative leaves out several facts.

Fact Check: Do Walls Work?

In a week that I have heard people say some incredibly stupid stuff like Ben Shapiro is a Nazi and Dr. Ben Carson is a “Black White Supremacist” there is one lie that keeps getting repeated by unthinking Leftists that flies in the face of every fact that they see daily. Several times this week I have seen people repeating the nonsense that building a wall was pointless because walls do not work.