I make a point of every day forcing myself to face the vitriol and hate to peer into the Liberal Media bubble. When I do I am looking for signs of hope or any indication that at some point that they are going to step back from the ledge and do some honest reporting for a change. It is days like today when I watch pundits on CNN saying that you get Venezuela “when you have Donald Trump without James Madison” that hope almost disappears. Yes, let’s just gloss over the fact that Venezuela is the product of Regressive Left policies that are more in keeping with Bernie Sanders than President Trump. This is the insanity of the modern Left, as they will do anything to protect “progress” even when it leads backwards. The inside of the bubble where Democrats, Mainstream Media and RINOs hang their intellectual caps is so far removed from the reality in which the rest of the America is living that it has become for all practical purposes, Bizarro World.

For a bunch of people who are steadfastly against a border wall, it is ironic that the walls of their bubble are impenetrable. I see story after story either bounce off that wall or when they do get through are drowned out in the chorus of “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT guy and his family get 4 million dollars from we the taxpayers, may have committed several felonies including fraud, hacking and obstruction of justice, but all we hear about is how President Trump may have said something inappropriate that bordered on the edge of becoming obstruction, but still not illegal. In one case, we have recovered hard drives that have been smashed in an attempt to destroy evidence possibly and in the other we have the former Director of the FBI leaking information in an attempt to get a special prosecutor appointed. We have a special counsel appointed for President Trump because he joked that he wanted the Russians to turn over the 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton illegally deleted while they were under subpoena, but still no special counsels for any of the following; IRS targeting of Conservative Groups, Operation Fast and Furious which resulted in the deaths of American Border Patrol Agents, Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to conduct government business or deletion of 33k of those emails, Uranium One deal which enriched Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch secret meeting on a tarmac and mainstream media’s refusal to cover the story and the widespread unmasking of American citizens in intelligence gathering by several Obama Administration officials. In one example, we have had an ongoing investigation that has produced a single suspect meeting in which nothing was ever exchanged. Meanwhile in each of those other scandals, independent journalists have dug and found evidence that at the very least demands that the media examine it. Instead we hear the continuous screeching call of Russia.

Mainstream media is invested in protecting the walls of the bubble. Not only were they so horribly wrong about the election, but President Trump rubbed their noses in their lack of credibility. If the structures of dinosaur media collapse, then the Left will have a hard time recovering. This is because the Right which was forced from having a seat at the table for the last 25 years has had to move to guerrilla style tactics to share their views. They were shut out of major network broadcasts and thus turned to Talk Radio and the internet. Conservative viewpoints have driven alternative media for the last decade and as the Leftist media bubble implodes under their lack of credibility they are finding that a progressive narrative not based in facts is a poor foundation indeed. The Left is living in a reality of their own making where 36 genders exist, Al Gore can lecture you about global climate change and not be called a hypocrite and the Obama Administration was scandal free. It is a world where up is down, lies are truth and facts are racist… it is Bizarro World.

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