This weekend ANTIFA once again was able to use the rioters veto to get both the Patriot Prayer and March against Marxism gatherings cancelled. The organizers of both events cancelled the events after receiving threats of violence. While the organizers did the right thing in taking these threats seriously and putting the safety of the rally goers first and foremost, we have to wonder when will it finally be enough. ANTIFA is creating an unsustainable situation in which the constitutional rights of Conservatives are being violated on a weekly basis. Every week brings us more horrifying images and videos of our fellow Americans being beaten for their political beliefs.



Now ANTIFA would not be able to do this without the assistance of Leftist Media outlets that have painted them in glowing terms over the past couple of weeks and have gone as far as to compare them to the military men who stormed the beaches of Normandy or without the aid of Democrat mayors who seem to be pulling police from these events the minute an ANTIFA Black Bloc arrives on the scene. While the Leftist Media outlets and Democratic politicians set their political attack dogs into a frenzy by slandering Conservative groups as Nazis and racists, the mayors of many of these cities are willfully issuing stand down orders when they know full well that it is going to violence. It is an insidious and deliberate strategy by the Left to silence any voices of opposition and keep their political policies relevant. After violent attacks by ANTIFA against those who assembled peacefully for the Patriot Prayer and the March against Marxism the Left may now be realizing just how much they have overplayed their hand.



Some on the Left may be realizing after this weekend’s latest spree of violence by ANTIFA that they have signed a deal with the devil… one whose leash they do not hold. While the energy of these resistance groups may have appeared just the thing that an anemic Democratic party needed in the beginning to fire up the base, I believe many are now seeing that they have unleashed a rabid dog in our midst. It should be readily apparent to all moderate Liberals at this point that if ANTIFA manages to silence Conservative groups they and anyone who does not tow the extreme anticapitalistic totalitarianism line of their Communist worldview will be next. How many Democrats still hold the views that Patriotism, being against Marxism and Prayer are good values for America? Per ANTIFA each of these is a Right-Wing value that makes you a Nazi. Even the Washington Post had to admit that ANTIFA was beating peaceful protesters. While many of you Democrats are willing to sit on the sidelines and allow ANTIFA to do the dirty work of silencing Conservatives, you need to think about how you’re going to react when this rabid dog turns on you.


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