The Left has spent a lot of time painting Conservatives as violent radicals hell bent on using violence to achieve our ends… of course this is a lie. They have pushed this narrative of a rise in “hate crimes” and tied it to the election of President Trump… well many of the stories that the mainstream media has used to sell this narrative have turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by Leftists to create this perception. This past weekend the media went into a feeding frenzy over the story of a man in Portland who stabbed three men, killing two, after an anti-Muslim rant on a train. The mainstream media finally had their poster case that proved all Trump supporters were violent racists… of course had they bothered to check his Facebook page before rushing to judgement they would have seen that he had posted a lot of Bernie Sanders propaganda and had voted for Jill Stein in the Presidential election.

Underneath all this nonsense and leftwing spin is running a genuine and deep seeded hatred for President Trump and any American that defied their worldview by voting for him. In the darkest parts of this hatred lie the constant Leftist dogwhistles feverishly hoping for the President’s death. While the Left has been blaming the Right for nonexistent violence they have created a world in which it is more acceptable to punch someone, hit them with a bike lock or make death threats against a President instead of engaging in a rational discussion. I can only surmise that the Left has taken this radical turn because they realize that the Russia collusion story is all bullsh$t and President Trump’s supposed impending impeachment is never going to happen. I can only assume that the Left has made violence their new strategy because they realize that they have lost the battle of ideas and the likelihood of a President Trump reelection is drawing nearer everyday as the economy picks up steam. This is the face of the new Regressive Democrat.

Kathy Griffin acting like an ISIS member.


Madonna who thinks an awful lot about blowing up the White House.

Charlie Sheen praying for the death of President Trump.

Keith Oberman’s foaming at the mouth tin foil hat wearing conspiracy laden rants that have seen peaceful dialog sink to new lows.

Buzzfeed employees a supposed news organizations joking about the assassination of President Trump.

Snoop Dog performs mock execution of clown of President Trump.

CNN daydreaming up scenarios in which Obama administration officials would remain in charge if President Trump was assassinated.


This is you Leftists. I could pull examples all night and I would still not be finished when the sun came up. There are over 12,000 tweets calling for the assassination of President Trump. This is the hate and vitriol that is coming from the side that claims tolerance as a virtue. You are the ones that are normalizing hatred and violence. You are the ones lashing out against peaceful protesters. You are the ones acting like children because you lost an election. You are the ones that need to be careful least you reap what you sow.

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  1. […] While I touched on this topic many times since then it was only two weeks ago where I wrote “Dogwhistling in the Dark – Kathy Griffin the Leftist Hate Monger” where I predicted that the increase in radical Leftist rhetoric and imagery was going to lead to […]



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