Leftist have some strange notions. They believe that pink knit caps make a movement, celebrity montage videos mean something and that love conquers terrorism. Just last June Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the “…most effective weapon at America’s disposal against Islamic terrorism is love.” Last I checked Love does not stop bullets, explosions or microbes created in a lab and it does not deter those that would employ them to destroy us. Rockets stop terrorism, not love.

This weekend thousands turned out to protest in airports against President Trump’s executive order pausing immigration and refugees from seven Muslim countries. (Not a BAN, a pause.) They stood up in the name of tolerance for people coming from countries that have proven to be among the most intolerant currently in the world. Their records on Women’s and LGBT rights are horrendous and still they showed up to protest. They are showing that they unconditionally love these new immigrants regardless of the fact that some of them would see Sharia law implemented across the globe and many of them would be stoned to death for indecency or tossed from the roof of a very high building for simply being gay.

In the end the most radicalized Muslim jihadis do not care about your unconditional love. As Dr. Sebastian Gorka contends, “The idea that any executive order, any government document, lessens or increases the hatred of the Islamist jihadis for America simply means you do not understand the threat, We are still infidels, whoever the president is, and whatever executive orders are signed. The idea that suddenly ISIS will be nice to us, if we behave a certain way – that makes our government hostage to these maniacs, and that will never happen.” They will not have a change of heart simply because they come here and see our tolerance. Our tolerance is one of the things they hate. Our acceptance of Women as equals to men. Our acceptance of LGBT as full members of our communities. Our rights to practice any religion we choose. Our choice to freely elect our leaders. These are not norms for many Muslim countries and in some they not only oppose many of these views, but despise anyone who espouses them.

No you do not turn a terrorist into an American citizen by slapping an Uncle Sam hat on their head, embracing them and giving them unconditional love. Sorry I live in the real world and things like that only happen in the movies. ISIS has already stated that they will use refugee populations to spread terrorism and until we can properly vet people coming from the most impacted countries there is nothing racist about a pause in those programs. No Leftist have strayed into the realm of the absurd and it is time to realize that when it comes to fighting terrorism we need more rockets and less hugs.

Posted by redstateronin


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