For years our college students have been coddled. They have been swaddled in safe spaces free from dissenting opinions. We have given them the liberty to label any slight no matter how insignificant or unintentional as microagressions. When the stresses of exams, national politics or simply the mundane trivialities of life have triggered them so badly they are overwrought we have plied them with therapy dogs, crayons, silly putty, cry-ins and Jell-o. We have taught them that their opinions on any matter are valid. We taught them that if anyone challenges their perceived validity of their ideas that they are not only wrong, but evil. At what point can we finally admit that this way is not f*cking working? We have not made our society more enlightened, but instead created New Wave Fascist.

Speech is only free on the college campus as long as it fits within the dogma of the progressive left. If you disagree with the tolerant then they will used flag poles, mace, fires and anarchy to silence you. It should be readily apparent that a generation of youth has not been equipped to deal with the realities of life. You will not agree with everyone you meet and a sad world indeed this would be if we all thought exactly the same. I do not agree with everything MILO or Gavin McInnes say, but I agree with their right to speak their minds. I do not agree with anything Cenk Uygur spews out of his mouth, but I extend the same right and courtesy for him to spew it.

This is what Fascism Looks Like…

This is what happens when you demonize the opposition with hyperbolic rhetoric. You make it ok to attack those that are attempting to peacefully assemble to engage in discussion and exchange of ideas. Spoiler Alert – It is more progressives acting like New Wave Fascists.

And this is why these children are acting this way. This is how our professors behave. This is the role model for Generation Snowflake. When it is people like this that are educating our youth, it should not be surprising when they turn into a$$ munching Fascists.


Peaceful protests I understand and encourage. Arguing the merits of your case and the free flow and exchange of ideas I understand and encourage. However, if your words, logic and reasoning are so stunted that the only way you can resist is through violence then maybe it is not your opposition that is wrong, but your argument. The mainstream media and Democrats need to reign in these SJW monsters that they created by refusing to prepare these children for life before there is a significant escalation in the violence. Sooner or later if these types of attacks keep occurring and campus administrators refuse to hold the New Wave Fascist to account, then you are going to have a situation where someone dies. If that happens, then the blood is on the hands of the Media and Democrats who tried to ride these Fascists back into relevance.

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