It never fails to amaze me that if you show support for the Pro-Life movement then sooner or later someone is going to make what is in my opinion the most ridiculous argument against Pro-Life by trying to catch you being inconsistent in your viewpoint on life. Invariably someone will always try and pit your views on support for ending the practice of abortion in all but the most extreme examples versus your view points in support of capital punishment. This line of reasoning always falls flat.

The argument is a non sequitur as we are really talking about two different scenarios. On one hand we have an innocent life that a woman who was irresponsible sees as a mistake and on the other hand we have a monster. One has limitless potential to develop the cure for cancer or bring us together and the other hand holds someone who has done murder, rape and squandered all potential. One has a right to life and the other does not. Anyone who tries to equate an unborn child to Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez is essentially saying that those monsters have more right to life than an unborn child.

I am not anti-woman and I believe in full equality. You want to be equal in my eyes then make good responsible choices. (That is for both Men and Women) A mistake is picking up the wrong type of juice at the grocery store and for many in America to call an unborn child a mistake reprehensible because it flies in the face of their primary believes. As long as the decision of Roe V. Wade stands as the law of the land I will never impede a woman who makes this CHOICE. I will however fight any funding of abortion or promotion of abortion that uses tax payer dollars. If you are going to make the Choice to kill a child you will do it without my assistance.

Defund Planned Parenthood

Posted by redstateronin

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