A few months back I wrote “All Climate Deniers Should Burn at the Stake” to point out how ridiculous the Left’s position on climate change had become. Climate science has become a cult complete with doomsday prophecies, demands for financial servitude and enforcement of lockstep adherence to ideology else you are branded a heretic and cast out. Like the cult there is zero tolerance for questions, even when they are the common-sense questions we should all be asking. I don’t know about you, but when politicians and celebrities all condemn any skepticism about an idea related to science I inevitably start wondering what they are hiding. Enter Joy Behar into the climate change debate where she brings her special brand of stupid to enlighten us all on how to best brand “climate deniers”.


“Really what bothered me is that people are saying, like Pruitt…is saying, ‘This is not the time to discuss global warming.’ Well, you know, when is the time? When the water’s over your head? When is the time exactly? This is the time to discuss it. Because, scientifically, from what I understand –, I am not a scientist. I don’t even play one on TV. But I understand that the heat is creating warm waters in the oceans, in the Gulf, wherever, and that is contributing to the intensity of storms like Irma. Why this is the worst storm we’ve ever seen, etc. has to do with climate change. And people who deny that — they should start naming all these of these next hurricanes after — Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Pruitt, Hurricane Palin, Hurricane Trump.”

When TV personalities spout off in this manner it proves my point. Her position leaves zero possibility that she might be wrong and that the climate alarmist may be overstating the threat or the threat may not even be directly attributed to humans. This is the position of a cult member who can no longer rationally debate an idea. Where she uses the antidotal evidence of Hurricane Irma to justify her rational one very strong does not prove the point that all hurricanes have gotten stronger suddenly. This was a claim made by Al Gore in his first An Inconvenient Truth movie over a decade ago which really did ironically become an inconvenient truth… for Al Gore.

If Hurricane Irma has shown us anything, it is how unreliable these types of climate models are that underpins the entire climate change argument. We saw how the models predicted that a category 5, I mean category 3 or I mean category 4 hurricane was going to make landfall in Florida and we needed to evacuate the eastern seaboard side… I mean western gulf region of the state. If you believe that we should spend trillions of dollars and gut our economy because climate models that have difficultly predicting weather in a localized region, but are somehow magically infinitely more accurate predicting weather decades in the future on a global scale then I also have a great deal for some soon to be beach front property in Orlando.

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